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6 Oct 2017, by admin/Gary

Salem witch trip.

Wonderful trip to Salem to investigate the witch hangings of 1692 for our future “The Witches Coven” murder mystery game. We also took part in a spell casting circle, had our tarot cards read, met psychics and ate some great food.
We stayed at the Daniels House. Built in 1667, and was the private home of the Daniels family descendants for over 300 years. A wonderful Historical Bed & Breakfast.
Our mid day visit into the Salem graveyard.

Mary Parker, one of the witches hanged.
Jhone read my cards. She was rather enthralled with my selfie stick.
Spell casting session. A great trip, it’s now time to get to work on “The Witches Coven ” murder mystery game.

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Our investigations took us to the 10 Bells Pub at the London Experience in England. The 10 Bells was the most well-known surviving pub associated with the White Chapel Murders and its victims. Annie Chapman and Mary Jane Kelly, both prostitutes, were seen at the pub prior to their murders. Above : A rather odd selfie. It looks like Jack the Ripper picking up his next victim!

Next we boarded the Jack the Ripper tour bus, where our guide gave us the full accounts of each murder as well as stop-offs at the exact spots where the murdered victims were found. Each murder location that we visited was either a dark street or back alley.

With the information that our guide was giving us, Julie and I re-created one of Jack the Rippers murders right there on the spot where a killing had taken place (everyone’s cameras came out LOL). I know it is gruesome, but what better way to understand a murderer’s motivation then to “act” out the murder.

Along with my own investigations, I now have a theory who Jack the Ripper really was …and it will be revealed in a future game … The Jack the Ripper Murder Mystery Game.

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Our research during the creation of “A Bloody Dickens Christmas” took us to England to visit Charles Dickens nineteenth-century home in London at 48 Doughty St. It was here that he lived and completed three of his novels. The Pickwick Papers (1836), the whole of Oliver Twist (1838) and Nicholas Nickleby(1839)Below: Charles Dickens writing desk. I had to touch it…I just had to.

Below: We discovered the Dickens Tavern at 25 London St…how cool is that?

What could be more fun than to host a Victorian Murder Mystery Dinner, that combines some of Charles Dickens best loved characters; a vile hideous Fagin from “Oliver twist”, Ebenezer Scrooge, a cold-hearted miser from “A Christmas Carol” and, of course Miss Havisham, one of Dickens most memorable female characters; a demented mad woman from the novel “Great Expectations.” Pictured below are our fabulous guests from the “Dickens Murder Mystery Party.”

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Blackbeard’s Castle in Saint Thomas virgin island. What better way to learn about pirates then a trip to the Caribbean! Blackbeard’s Castle is one of five National Historic Landmarks in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Originally built in 1679 by the Danes as a watchtower to protect the harbor.

Filming the interior of Blackbeard’s Castle.

The Bodden town Pirate Caves were actual ‘hide outs’ of pirates who sailed the Caribbean plundering treasure. The locations of the treasure troves remain a mystery to this day, due to the many hurricanes that have struck the island over the years sealing the pirates secrets under tons of coral rubble. Pictured below are our fabulous guests from the “Pirate Murder Mystery Party.”

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Bath, England, a place very much at the heart of Jane Austen’s life and works, and where we had the opportunity to take part in the Jane Austen Grand Regency Costumed Promenade (parade). A day like no other, a day immersed in the world of Jane Austen

We began and ended the 90 minute promenade through the beautiful city of bath at the assembly rooms.

Afterwards our visit to the Jane Austen Center gave us a snapshot of life during Regency times, along with a delicious afternoon tea. Here, seated with the lovely ladies, Laura, Jane, Emily and Rebecca we ate a delicious lunch followed by raisin scones, victoria sponge cake and a pot of hot tea.

After being Inspired by so many of Jane Austen’s works, such as “Pride and Prejudice” “Sense and Sensibility” and “Emma” a murder mystery would be a wonderful way to combine my favorite characters into one evening. A Murder Mystery evening!

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