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5 Apr 2011, by admin/Gary

Table Setting

1. Napkin. 2. Bread knife. 3. Third course salmon fork. 4. Fourth course salad fork. 5. Fifth course chicken fork. 6. Seventh course meat fork. 7. Seventh course meat knife. 8. Fifth course chicken knife. 9. Third course salmon knife. 10. Second course soup spoon. 11. Ninth course dessert fork. 12. Ninth course dessert spoon. 13. Water glass. 14. Aperitif glass. 15. White wine glass. 16. Champagne glass. 17. Red wine glass.

With 12 pieces per guest, and a dinner party of 8, you will need almost 100 pieces of cutlery. The process of using many pieces of cutlery at one sitting is to start on the outer pieces and with each course, work your way towards the plate. The upper class used to use two forks when eating their fish, because knifes at the time were made from steel and would change the delicate taste of the fish.

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