Ages 13+ to adult
Game for 10 Players, 5 male, 5 female
Snow White, Prince Charming, Red Ridding Hood, Rumplestiltskin,
Big Bad Wolf, Witch, Captain Hook, Tinker Bell, Evil Queen, and Jack.


Due to the mysterious deaths of Grumpy and Pinocchio, tourism in Fairytale land has reached an all time low.

Book sales of all our beloved fairy tales have dropped off forcing many in the retail industry to request aid. The town economy has been so slow that the Stilskin Corporation has filed for bankruptcy due to the city council’s decision to cancel the restoration of Snow White’s castle.

An Emergency council meeting has been called!



The Fairy Tale Murder Mystery Game is a character based roll playing game that takes place at a City Council Meeting in Fairy Tale Land. Each of the ten players uses questions, answers and clues supplied within their booklets to help identify the killer behind the mysterious deaths of both Pinocchio and Grumpy.

The download comes with easy to print and quick to assemble game booklets, clues, party invitations (also email versions), Fairytale inspired recipes, wine/bottle labels, full game instructions, solution, and plenty of inspiration from the game site DIY videos.

You will need 57 sheets of blank paper to print on for
the initial game (booklets, clues, speech, solution) plus a stapler.



Game for 10 players


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You must have Acrobat reader installed to read and print the game files. A free version can be downloaded here:

You must have winzip to unzip the downloaded file. A free version can be found here:

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